Qualival is the only producer and supplier of the following varieties to the market of Eastern Europe. Officially produced trees are supplied with Qualival quality CERTIFICATE.

Jeromine c.o.v.

Gala Brookfield Baigent c.o.v.

Apples with a shiny, very intensive red blush, very tasty.

Apples with an intensive, red and purple colour with stripes.

Lafayette c.o.v.

Dalilight c.o.v.

One of the most attractive yellow varieties of apple tries resistant to scab.

A cross-breed of Elstar and Pink Lady are beautiful apples resistant to scab.

Galaval c.o.v.

Bigigalaprim (Jugala) c.o.v.

A natural, stable mutant of Gala covered with blush in almost 100%.

A beautiful, striped blush covers the entire surface of the fruit.

Crimson Crisp®

The fruit is cylindrical, regular, with beautiful colour achieved even in unfavourable conditions


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